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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran:
‘And for every nation is a messenger, and when the messenger comes, it will be judged between them in justice and they will not be wronged’. (TMQ-10:47)

This verse implies two things. Firstly, it shows that Allah (swt) has sent His Messengers for every nation. When the Messenger completes his mission in this world then Allah (swt) would do justice with them. This means that Allah (swt) would protect His Messenger and his followers and would destroy the rest of the nation. Allah (swt) destroys the disbelievers only after He has sent a Messenger for their guidance because He does not like to destroy them without giving them a fair trial. The judgment of Allah (swt) is Just and not tyrannical. It would have been unfair if the disbelievers were destroyed without being given the last chance to mend their ways. It is only when they disregard the Messenger of Allah (swt) and opposed him relentlessly that they incurred the wrath of Allah (swt).
The second implication of this verse is that it refers to the Day of Judgment. On the Day of Judgment when a nation will be presented before Allah (swt), then the Messengers; who had been sent to guide that nation, will also be by their side. Every body’s deeds will be recorded and the angels will be witnesses for every man’s virtuous and evil deeds.  In this way every nation and their Messenger will be dealt with complete justice on that Day.
To sum up, we can say that the advent of Islam was a boon to the society. The pre-Islamic society has been referred to as Jahilliyah period due to the darkness of ignorance which existed at that time. Lawlessness prevailed during that era due to lack of a common code of laws. The various tribes used to practice their own customs and traditions. Unjust practices like female infanticide were rampant and the status of the womenfolk was reduced to that of a slave. The women had no right to property or even the right to marry according to their wish. They were treated in a harsh and unjust way and would also be inherited (like a property) and forcibly married to their step-son, in case her husband died. Islam has put to an end all these atrocities inflicted on the weaker sections of the society by the affluent and powerful and brought justice for all.
We should make an attempt to uphold the glorious traditions of Islam and uphold its ideals of equality, truth and justice. This can happen only when we incorporate the Islamic ideals into our lives practically.
The Islamic courts, which are centers of justice, can be approached by us if we feel that we are being deprived of our rights or are being wronged or oppressed. The Islamic judges, attorneys and lawyers have been successful in dispensing justice without any delays or hurdles because the laws, on which their verdicts are based, are Divine. Neither the litigants nor the lawyer/attorney dares to deviate from the Islamic laws. The laws are stable and are far above the need for amendments and modifications because nobody has the power to change the Laws of Allah (swt). Since the Islamic laws are flawless, universal and Divine so their implementation also does not need tedious and time-consuming procedures. As the adage goes ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ we should be rest assured that this ugly situation of delayed justice crops up only in case of western judicial system and not in case of the far superior Islamic judicial system.

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