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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

In this post, I have mentioned the ahadith which are related to the topic of justice in Islam. The ahadith echo the Quranic injunctions thereby helping us to understand the Islamic rulings better.

Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, ‘Those who act justly will be seated upon pulpits of light before Allah. They will be those  who are just in their decisions, in matters pertaining to their family and in all that is referred to them’. (Saheeh Bukhari)
 ‘There are seven groups of people whom Allah will shelter on the Day when there will be no shade except His. (One is) the just leader. (Sahih Muslim)
Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, ‘Surely the most beloved of the people in the Sight of Allah and closest to Him in regard to position, on the Day of Resurrection, will be a just leader and the most hated of the people in the Sight of Allah and farthest removed from Him on the Day of Resurrection will be a tyrannical leader.’ Hadith
Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, ‘On the Day of Judgment rights will be given to those to whom they are due (and the wrongs will be redressed)’. (Muslim 2582 and Musnad 7163)
Allah’s Apostle said, ‘For every day on which the sun rises, there is a reward for the one who establishes justice’. (Sahih Bukhari)
Numan b. Bashir (ra) reported that Allah’s Apostle (saw) said, ‘Call me not as a witness to an injustice’. (Sahih Muslim)
Narrated Abu Sa’id al- Khudri that Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, ‘the best fighting in the way of Allah is (to speak) a word of justice before a tyrant.’ (Abu Dawood)
Narrated Umm Salamah, Ummul Mumineen, ‘Prophet Mohammad (saw) never went out of my house without raising his eye towards the sky and saying, ‘O Allah! I seek refuge in Thee lest I stray or be lead astray, or slip or made to slip, or cause injustice or suffer injustice or do wrong or be wronged. (Abu Dawood)

These ahadith clearly show that the principle of justice is an integral part of Islamic ideology. Islam is a religion of peace and peace cannot be established in a society unless and until the people get justice. Peace and justice go hand by hand so one of them cannot exist without the other. The Islamic law is a comprehensive one and it protects us from all kinds of injustice related to matters such as marriage, inheritance, divorce etc. The Muslims countries have their own Islamic courts whereas the non-Muslims countries also have a parallel Islamic judicial system, which caters to the Muslims living in those countries. It is the duty of every Muslim to make Islamic law a part and parcel of our lives and a governing force in our lives if we want real justice. Getting swayed by the so-called modern ideas and fads or just about anything which does not confirm to Islamic philosophies is like moving away from reality and living in an illusion. Because ultimately, it is the Goodwill of Allah (swt) which has to be the aim of every Muslim and this is possible only if we keep in touch with the reality, i.e. the reality about the temporary nature of this worldly life, the reality of our being answerable to Allah (swt) for each deed of ours on the Day of Resurrection and the ultimate reality of our eternal abode in Heaven and Hell, depending on our thoughts, words and deeds.
Since the doors of justice are open to all of us Muslims, whether we reside in a Muslim country or in a non-Muslim country, therefore we should try to avail justice through the various skilled lawyers/ attorneys who serve in the Islamic courts and solve our problems in the light of Quran and ahadith.

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